Keep a watch on the following legislation and if you are so inclined, I would encourage you to reach out to your legislators to support:
#1. The workplace violence prevention for health care and social service workers act would establish an enforceable workplace violence prevention standard that would protect nurses and other health care providers from the potential dangers of combative patients.
#2. The mothers and offspring mortality and morbidity Awareness, or MOMMAs, act would establish a technical assistance program to improve maternal mortality reporting and provide best practices to state maternal mortality review committees. It would also expand medicaid and CHIP coverage from 60 days to one year post partum.
#3. The protecting moms who served act would commission a comprehensive study of the scope of America’s maternal health crisis among veterans with a particular focus on racial and ethnic disparities in maternal health outcomes. It would also support maternity care coordination programs for veterans at Department of Veterans Affairs facilities. It would ensure affective coordination between VA facilities and non VA facilities in the delivery of maternity care. It would facilitate access to community resources to address social determinants of health like housing nutrition and employment status. It would identify mental and behavioral health risk factors in the prenatal and post partum periods and ensure that pregnant and post partum veterans get the treatments they need. It would require the VA to offer childbirth preparation classes, parenting classes, nutrition counseling, breastfeeding support, lactation classes and breast pumps.
AWHONN Illinois
Legislative Coordinator